I baked my first cake with Grandma Belle at our family cottage in Indian River, watched my mother Joan make special birthday cakes and desserts for our family, and Aunt Sally’s infamous chocolate chip cookies are always a treasured gift. This is what love is to me – creating and sharing part of ourselves with those we love. Flour Lab was founded in 2011; the culmination of years of dreaming, baking trials, tinkering, and experimentation.

The idea for a baking business came to me in a way I find most familiar – with an epiphany.  I was taking a casual baking workshop at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA years ago, and suddenly got teary during the introduction.  Unexpectedly, seemingly out of nowhere, I knew that my future career must involve baking.  That may seem crazy to some, but I take these intuitions seriously, and it had my attention.  While living in California, I later attended the Career Discovery Baking and Pastry intensive at the Culinary Institute of America, and subsequently took a cake class taught by Meg Ray (owner of the beloved Miette) at Tante Marie in San Francisco.  Those two courses proved inspiring, and my seedling of an idea was well on its way.  The recent completion of a large Interior Design project sealed the deal.  I was at a career crossroads, and decided it was time to completely switch gears.

Through this need to bake, experiment, and share, Flour Lab was born. Flour Lab is in perpetual motion; changing with the seasons, holidays, and whim.  I keep journals filled with past recipe trials, but my real passion is the recipe that hasn’t been created yet; the one that’s spinning and churning in my mind.  When a recipe fails, as so many of mine do, I immediately wonder how it can be altered or enhanced, in search of a better outcome.  My mind is always open to the next idea, the next incarnation, the next twist.  I have a wall in my studio filled with clipboards for every month of the year, each one thick with photos, recipes, and ideas for baking, art, and life. Every time I pull down a new month, and flip through the ideas, my mind spins with delight.  May the ideas and inspiration forever grow…